Pathlore Learning Management System

Branding campaign for theĀ  world-leading company producing customizable e-learning platforms.

International award-winning campaign to rebrand Pathlore e-learning management systems

A visionary company launches the “Red Chair” campaign.

Pathlore "Red Chair" Rebrand

The Pathlore Red Chair Campaign became the iconic symbol for an international company creating complex learning platforms for enterprise-wide deployment.

The simple yet sturdy red chair came to symbolize the learner, as well as the business leaders (IT, CEO, Marketing) who were given a stable, but customizable platform for any kind of learner, in any kind of learning environment.

Where IT & Marketing leaders had different perspectives on using and implementing e-Learning Management Systems, Pathlore offered a world-class solution that could meet everyone’s needs. From a company offering a suite of products and customized systems, Pathlore became positioned as a visionary company where the learner could excel, and everyone around them would benefit.