Leavetown Vacations

Explore like a local. Book like a pro.

To become a Canadian rival to Expedia and Booking.com, Leavetown.com needed a complete rebrand.  The company started in Canmore, Alberta with a few passionate outdoor adventurers and rental bookings on offer. How could they break through and build a national presence? The solution was to match travelers with local expertise in order to build the adventure trip of their dreams. “Explore like a local. Book like a pro” was born as the tagline and the brand rolled out across the e-commerce website, social channels, e-newsletter and other digital properties.


How to build Canada’s most trusted online booking site

We started by building strategic brand promises that we had to deliver on. Every time.

LeaveTown offers premium vacation rentals in breathtaking locations across Canada. Our travel brand is experiential; we’re not just about selling product. We give travelers the freedom to make great choices and truly enjoy the vacation rentals that will be part of their Canadian journey. We offer a breadth of trusted, high quality vacation rentals, while providing destination expertise, travel tools, and access to a growing LeaveTown community network.

Our seamless trip planning and booking experience merges the unique, human side of local travel with a powerful and robust booking engine that makes purchases easy and hassle-free. As part of the experience, we provide high quality customer service touch points, providing insights on rentals and destination advice, along with Leavetown special offers.


A closer look at the e-commerce website

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