Bridgehead is Canada’s original fair trade, coffee brand. When the organization was taken over in 1999, the company returned to its coffee and tea roots and now boasts 20 retail locations in Ottawa, Ontario. The organization’s launch involved educating consumers on the value of fair trade, organic coffee and tea, and how it benefits small-scale farmers.


Lori McNulty
McMillan Agency


Web Design


Working with a local designer, the UBC AMS launche the IWANA TACO food outlet. The location was decorated with brightly coloured picnic tables, setting the scene for a colourful and playful brand. A hit from the beginning, IWANA TACO is a fun, food-forward and easy to love brand. As always profits go back into funding student services through the AMS.

Brand Identity

Working with bold, bright colours, the design integrates symbols that evoke student life. The take-out window is decorated with graphic hands that drop down. The Iguana graphic provided a great opportunity for external signage and to draw students from upper levels, down to the Nest.

Launch Campaign

A social media launch campaign involved student influencers on campus and some fun photography with co.

Social Media & Contest

To support the launch, a social media contest engaged students who were able to win signature Iwana Taco tee shirts, in black and lime green. The student leaders also wore the tee shirts to promote the new outlet.


Every aspect of Iwana Taco communications had some cheek to them. From the menus, to the signage, to the condiment cart, the signature red, yellow and green colours struck a positive note with students and visitors to the Nest.


No outlet design in the Nest is more bold than the Iwana Taco location, which is situated in the basement of the AMS student Nest building. Although a reasonably bright location, the use of colour and playful graphics and messages helped to make the location a fun area to eat and enjoy company over tacos at picnic table. The location was easily able to distinguish itself on the UBC campus with great food, and student-first social media engagement.


Other Works

Working with local designers, the Porch outlet was opened focusing on vegetarian comfort food. The simple blackboard graphics, greenery, and photographed food bowls became the focus for this back-to-basics and nostalgic design. It was also budget-friendly. Even the name lent itself to idea of healthy, homemade and simple eating.

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